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Fake Yelp Reviews: How to remove them & Defend Your Business Reputation

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Signup to our newsletter. Sorry, only members can access the page that you were trying to view. Dentists, lawyers, insurance agents, restaurants, catering, movers, bars, hotels, construction and remodeling companies, event venues, photographers, bakers… Try it with their day free trial. A list of licenses authors might use can be found here Share.

Can I Remove a Yelp Review?

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They handle my service good. If they are reviewing a motorhome manufacturer in Vancouver, a bar in New York, and an Ice Cream Shop in London on the same day, they are probably fake accounts.


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With over million unique visitors per month, Yelp is here to stay. If you have an ASP.

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I have seen it in action and it really works to get more positive reviews for our customers. Usually, they are fairly easy to detect by looking at their accounts. If you intercept the and redirect somewhere, you hijack the browser's ability to challenge. It means you are not able to determine if the first post having Request.

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