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Women iran sex. Gender Inequality and Discrimination: The Case of Iranian Women

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Iranian girls between the ages of 13 and 17 are targeted by traffickers for sale abroad; younger girls may be forced into domestic service until their traffickers consider them old enough to be subjected to child sex trafficking. Then, arguably the greatest stride towards equality for women by that point in time came with the enactment of the Family Protection Act in , which gave Iranian women the power to seek a divorce, deny their husband a second wife and win custody of their children in case of divorce.


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The IRI has been taking measures to change this disparity, such as limiting women's admission to certain courses. For instance in , the Chief Commander of Police for greater Tehran announced that women were not allowed to wear long boots over their trousers, and if seen doing so they would be arrested. Pre-Islamic, post-Islamic, and the modern era. She finally made it into the ground, without the banner, about 30 minutes after the game had started.

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Although the defeat of the constitutionalists —25 and the consolidation of power by Reza Shah —41 destroyed the women's journals and groups, the state during these years implemented social reforms such as mass education and paid employment for women. According to her reports, the average price of having sex with sex workers is , rials 60, tomans which is about However some official figures are occasionally revealed in the news.

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