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After dressing, Deacon Hancock sat her down and lectured her on the sins of the flesh, exhorting her to find strength in the Lord and keep herself pure until marriage! I made some small talk with Tom then headed for the kitchen arriving just in time to see Lynn bending over to get some cups out of a cupboard , the devil in me rose to the surface and bold as brass i stepped up behind her and grabbed her arse cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. Lynn's final humiliation was the involuntary pussy farts caused by Steve's sudden withdrawal.

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At this point Lynn pannicked, realising he was going to leave the room to use the downstairs toilet. Lynn resumed preparing the evening meal almost on autopilot as she tried to process her latest encounter with her tormentor, the man half her age who had turned her world upside down and shattered her peaceful, happy existence and driven a wedge between her and her beautiful family. John opened the front door, only to find three members of the town council standing before him with grim looks on their faces. Steve slowed his pace as he watched Jane's face, as she slowly returned to the present, she opened her eyes and as she looked deep into Steve's she said "wow, you wasn't lying when you told me the pleasure would be worth the pain " she leaned up and kissed him as hard and deep as she ever had, knowing he had turned her from a timid girl into a fulfilled woman.

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Had that happened, then the Masters would have been obviously correct in not later instituting a disqualification. I've been dating Jane for two weeks now and so far i've managed to play with her ample 17 year old tits only on the outside of her top. Jane had tears in her eyes as the pain of what seemed like a baseball bat rammed into her virgina, added to the fact that she was no longer a virgin. Lynn returned home feeling worse than before she went.

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