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Bloating After Meals: Help with Stomach and Bloating

Why do i get bloated after eating. Why Am I So Bloated?

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When I got home I was sick and the pain went away. OTC products for relief of common causes of stomach bloating and gas For relief of more common, less-serious causes of abdominal or belly bloating, there are a number of OTC over-the-counter products.

Keep Bloating at Bay

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Smaller portions should ease the pain. An hour after eating the nuts I got the most extreme stomach pain. Eating too fast adds to the risk of bloating after a meal.

Stomach Pain Quiz: Nausea & Other Causes

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Reply Link Lisa June 1, , 6: I normally buy the roasted nuts from stores and consume direct. If you think that's the problem, try scaling back your portions of the most fiber-rich foods -- like beans and berries -- and increase your fiber intake gradually, by a few grams a day, so that your system has time to adjust. Simethicone Gas-X , Phazyme , Mylicon can help reduce bloating and gas caused by swallowed air.

Crispy Nuts

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Fructose -- the natural sugar found in fruit and honey -- as well as fermentable carbs, like those found in wheat, beans, lentils, some artificial sweeteners and stone fruits, can also cause problems. You can try natural remedies to relieve bloating and gas. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, which can contribute to feeling overly full.

Reducing Gassiness

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A marathon runner and yoga enthusiast, she is also interested in alternative medicine. Gloria September 23, , What I eat greatly affects my digestion and energy levels.


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