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What's the Difference Between Suicidal Thoughts & Suicidal Ideation? Mental Health with Kati Morton

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Give a copy of your plan to a trusted friend or loved one. Be very careful some doctors are very loose with their prescriptions. Resenting the reasons to stay alive… Self-hate.

My Suicidal Thoughts Lead To Peace

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Help truly can be a phone call away [sic]. Both for me and for them. Then it comes again.

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If you have called for help and are still experiencing suicidal thoughts, you need to go to the emergency room. I cannot underscore enough the importance of reassuring your loved one that you are not going to give up on them and that you will never leave. I had no appetite and would never eat more than a third of what was put in front of me. But it is part of the business so, I guess, I have learned to deal with it.

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One was a consequence-changer for me. That was a game-changer for me.

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This is the beginning of my story, the beginning to many more miracles yet to come, beginning of a real walk with Jesus; a personal relationship with Lord God Almighty, Amen! I believe he was visiting us.


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Of all the medicines that we have, Lithium is the only one that has been shown to decrease frequency and severity of suicidal thoughts. It may sound sad that my dad had split up with her right before they were about to get married, but God was telling him this was not the one. I took everything for granted especially when life got hard. I battle this every single day of my life.

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