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Using his own abilities, he enthralled her, and Jones immediately fell under Kilgrave's mind control powers, answering his questions and revealing her name. It is soon revealed that this was in fact the Chameleon, who abducted Jameson for the Goblin. She needed a home.

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Jonah Jameson comes to thank him personally, while Peter Parker's consciousness is shocked to see Jameson's drastically changed attitude towards the hero. She meets him and invites him to the Evans' home to surprise James for his birthday, not knowing that James was well aware of his whereabouts but chose to stay out of his life.

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In order to give proof to Jameson that their talents of using a subject's DNA to clone replacement parts work, Jameson is surprised when the doctor calls in an apparent revived Marla Jameson. Jameson's reaction to the unmasking of Spider-Man as seen through the reflection on a television It has been since revealed that Jameson had always believed that between him and Peter Parker was a bond of trust and he had always regarded him as another son, the "last honest man" in the world; he had always bought his photos, even the ones that he considered inferior, to help him in a discreet manner. Rogers, the head of security at Willona's short-lived second job as security in a department store season 5, episode 6 Paula Kelly as Dr. Jameson and Peter Parker later got word that his estranged father Jay coughed up blood and collapsed.


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