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The Walking Dead 6x09 - Carl Loses His Eye Scene

Who is carl on the walking dead. The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs reveals what he thinks of Carl's death

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He tells Rick that he hates being in the safe-zone because it all feels pretend. Hours pass until she returns, now with Rick. Carl, Andrea and Lydia start putting down the decapitated heads. Carl is seen crying, as he does not want to die.

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After being let out Carl convinces Maggie to let Lydia out under his watch and they bond further eventually Lydia seduces him and they make love. By the fourth season, Carl has become much more relaxed and accepts the fact that there is more to life than survival. After realizing that Atlanta was overrun, they took refuge at a campsite not far from the city. He is part of the meeting with Rick and a few more survivors regarding the success of the initial attack, Rick then says the safe-zone needs to be prepared, as that will most definitely be the first place to be attacked.

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The zombified Holly lunges at Denise, biting her arm. They arrive at Hilltop just as the Saviors are there collecting their weekly offering. Denise Cloyd are leaving the house which they had previously took shelter in, covered in the guts of a walker. We're so close to starting everything over, and we have friends now.

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Carl watches as Andrea and Michonne slaughter the Saviors, leaving only one lone survivor. The showrunner even went so far as to express surprise that fans hadn't suspected something sooner.

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