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Where did the grammys take place. The 2014 Grammys: An Illuminati Satanic Celebration

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It's the music business celebrating itself. They cater to a low intellect and they feed the masses. It's like they think it's literally handed down by the musical-history gods.

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And rather than just promote their desire for gay marriage laws to be passed, the rappers instead mock the belief in the Bible, which clearly declares homosexuality a sin. This is the seduction that has taken over the entertainment industry:

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We just stopped the music because you haven't touched the player in a while. Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one—and that one was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth. The Oscars are an especially important programming element for ABC. Because America is turning away from God, attacking the Bible at every turn and seeking to silence the voice of Bible-believing Christians, The Lord is giving a God-rejecting society what they want:

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Content on this site does not reflect an endorsement or recommendation of any artist or music by the Recording Academy. They entered its portals as men; they came forth as gods.


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