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Parental Alienation - How to fight back

What to do about parental alienation. What to do about ‘parental alienation’: B (change of residence; parental alienation) March 2017

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And it had been inappropriate to make an order for contact dependent on whether the child wanted to go: It is usually the alienator that ends the relationship with the other parent and looks to justify their decission to friends and family by making out the other parent was at fault and not worthy of any consideration in the process, they cannot accept responsability for their own actions. Allowing the belief that the child has two dads or two moms to become ingrained in this child. Alienators are cunning in their ways and will do almost anything to achieve their goal and this often includes making false allegations of harm to the Children supposedly by the targeted parent that in most cases involves expensive court time and much stress, some targeted parents even give up the fight due to not having the means to meet the expense or choosing not to endure the stress and this is what the alienator wants to happen as it usually results in the targeted parent exiting from the lives of the Children.

Parental Alienation Develops Over Time

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The attempt to move contact out of the centre by getting the maternal family to supervise was also doomed to failure as the psychologist explained: Does he agree that that is the core of some of the problems? Behavioral Impairments Severely alienated children treat the rejected parent with extreme hostility, disobedience, defiance, and withdrawal.


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The alienator is so terrified of loosing their children that they have to paint this perfect picture of themselves and make the other person look so bad, to ensure that they do not loose their children and control. When these behaviors are deliberate, and result, or have the potential to result, in significant psychological harm to the child, mental health professionals refer to this as child psychological abuse.

Parental Alienation Database

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