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What does 4 hand massage mean. Does Fascia Matter?

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Acknowledgments We would like to thank Richard Van Why for his assistance in identifying relevant studies and for making the Bodywork Knowledge Base available for this project. Good boy, Little Big Man! This treatment regimen was compared to massage alone, remedial exercise and posture education alone, or some useless laser therapy. Makes sense to me, although we are just speculating here.


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A recent health insurance survey found that respondents were not only willing to pay more for their insurance if CM therapies were covered but also ranked massage as the number one CM therapy they would be most likely to use if it were covered by their health plan. Could piezoelectricity be at work in some other way in fascia? There is so much uncertainty that it is fair and reasonable to ask if we can really say much of anything about massage based on such incomplete and imperfect evidence. Some things to consider:

A detailed critical analysis of the clinical relevance of fascia science and fascia properties

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