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Camp Water Games - Round 2 (Summer Camp Water Games)

Water games for adults. 28 Fun Beach Games for Adults & Kids

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If someone catches a water balloon thrown at them, the person who threw it is out and the person who caught the water balloon can bring someone back in from the sideline who was previously out. Riders climb up to the top of the Velocity Water Slide and slide down the fast slide.

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They must dip the cup in the full bucket of water and pass it backwards over their head to the next kid. You can either give out fun prizes or that person becomes the next caller. Teams must have even number of players.

Supplies for These Water Games

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A group of adults playing tug-of-war. Continue tossing water balloons and taking step backs all at the same time until there is only one team remaining. Wring out the sponge into the empty bucket and run back, continuing until someone reaches the mark on the empty bucket. The last dry kid standing wins.

3. Camping Olympics

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Beach Volleyball Some beaches have nets set up for play, or bring your own. Continue tossing water balloons and taking step backs all at the same time until there is only one team remaining. Each member of both teams is to hold on to the rope with both hands in an attempt to get the other team to release their hold of the rope or touch the line.

Water Games Your Family Will Love

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Teams must have even number of players. Each player must find a beach towel to stand on and the player left without a towel is out. Beach Ball Relay Mark your start and finish lines in the sand. If they manage to hit someone, they can stand up and get back into the game.

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