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Video about using curlers on wet hair:

Wet Sets with Rollers

Using curlers on wet hair. Hair Curling Irons

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Or you can buy special doll wig shampoo from Twin Pines. The reason I don't get the perms is because I regularly have it colored to hide the gray. This will also keep her neck strings if she has neck strings out of the way. Of course, there's always rewigging.

Getting hair set for men

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Even when I got a bonnet attachment for my hand-held hairdryer it was easier--but still alot of work! You can use a wig brush to pull the strands tight as you steam them if you want.

Hair Curlers

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Apr 02, our hair is our business by: One caution about these rollers. If you have an American Girl doll and you would like to return her hair to it's original style, JuliaAM and Emily have scanned and posted the pamphlets from Pleasant Company showing how to accomplish this. Hair curlers can help you to achieve both looks, but since different curlers provide different results, you want to choose the right one.

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