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Top indian movies 2012. Best Hindi Movies by Year

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Red River Director: Sabata — by Gianfranco Parolini Spaghetti films portrayed the growth of old west, rail road construction, bounty hunters in a larger-than-life style and a brutal way than traditional western films. So the term Spaghetti western film was coined.

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Videsh, is a Latent film directed and every by Deepa Mehta. Videsh, is a Hubby romantic directed and every by Deepa Mehta.

Together they perform many adventurous robberies. Amongst much recognition home and abroad, the film bagged the Academy Award for Best Picture, winning eight Academy Awards in total. What it had to do with Spaghetti?

Other Mentionable Spaghetti Western Movies

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Deepa Mehta made this comic drama as a satire or spoof on Bollywood movies. The good, the bad and the ugly, Once upon a time the west, Django are a few names that are etched deep in western mainstream cinema.

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It also touches on the social issues of cultural differences experienced by a small town girl moving to a foreign place. An extravagant Punjabi wedding and the family traditions are beautifully depicted throughout this movie.

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