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10 Things I wish I knew Before Joining the ARMY

Things to know before joining the army. Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

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It includes cities such as Raleigh and Charlotte, as well as large swaths of rural areas. That's a get-rich-slow scheme and it works as well as get-rich-quick schemes.

Here are 18 things every 18 year old should know…

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Military was never in my plans for us, having a courthouse wedding was also never in our plans. November 11, , 4:

What to take with you:

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The nice guy always has to eat shit and when it comes to race, the white guy is the nice guy. You have no right to protection from unreasonable search There are a few other differences, and for most part, you should never really notice a difference, just be aware that there is a difference and that some things that are not crimes for civilians, are crimes for military personnel like cheating on your spouse, not showing up for work, talking back you your boss, etc. Assuming you are a westerner, especially an American, getting married young will be the biggest mistake of your life. McCollum and others have worked with students to help prepare them for the Army.

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As a soldier, you're not a diplomat. While you may have a non -combat job, the enemy doesn't care about that, and they will shoot at lawyers and cooks the same as they will an infantryman.

BONUS: What to do if you're younger than 18

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Scott Taft June 17, , 4: If you fail to follow orders, you can put people in danger, even get them killed. Occupied by his pro football career and his military service, he played no organized baseball between his last UCLA game in and his first game for the Kansas City Monarchs in Will they pack candles?

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