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AMY LEE - "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak

They did a bad bad thing song. Bad (Michael Jackson song)

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In , Jackson's music re-entered charts following his music being re-issued for his Visionary album. In popular culture[ edit ] The song is used in the film Megamind The song is also used in the first trailer and movie from the film Despicable Me 3 and its also included in the film's soundtrack. This means that it was no accident that the black deer happened upon the money necklace first; indeed it was destiny. Sasha Allen sung the song on The Voice.

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The song peaked at number one, and remained at the top position for two consecutive weeks. They just, sort of-- they COME, you know. If you improve that slightly-- your sound changes, basically. So, mine didn't used to either.

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The following week, the song moved up to number eleven, which was seventy-three positions higher than its previous week. And they went to the east side. Beautiful-- and I never wished I'd written it. Again, it being a bad day, hearing the voice will transform into a very nice day.

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