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Smells like couture shoes. KL mega sales for shopaholics

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Even though I do not own it yet I am waiting to use up one of my other leather fragrances before buying this one. This is really, really nice and cozy, but also cooling from the minty greenness. Another highly recommended stop is Semua House — a one stop for all your wedding, cosmetics and textile needs.

Chinatown and a splash of India

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I can easily say something is weird about new TL scent pyramid. Beautiful scent but projection is low, very low to be precise so I really don't know on which fragrance or variation of this TL people are talking about.

Central Market collectables

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Visitors enjoy more discounts and free gifts with the Tourist Privilege card. A recent update has brought in more edgy, street-smart labels like Forever 21, GAP and Miss Selfridge, attracting a younger set of shoppers.


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