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Box Braids Tutorial

Show me pictures of box braids. Frizz and Extension Braids

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This type of style allows the wearer to forgo much of the maintenance required with non-braided hairstyles, including drying, ironing and curling the ends in. With braids this small, you can easily create loose waves, twists and different types of braids whenever you want to add visual interest to straight hair.

Micro and Invisible Braids

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The most important thing to consider is how the braid is done. Securing your extensions in some form or fashion will help prevent that from happening. Using short and long sections within one style is the hottest trend in the modern hair world. After Braids Are Completed:

Nutrition Information

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Undershave and Micro Braids Braids are inherently fashionable, but when you add in a sleek, shaven design to boot, your appearance becomes incredibly edgy. Tiny Twists with Caramel Highlights Umm…yes!

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Obvious layers will stick out from the ends of the braids. Ask your stylist for a balayage effect instead of a few single highlighted strands. These plaits are not braided all the way down, but only less than half way, so that the extensions can flow free in soft waves.

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The micro twists in combination with the African red color and twisted pompadour is amazing. Take them down for a wavy look. Curly Crochet Braids Invisible crochet braids like these almost completely hide the area of installation to show off nothing but perfect curls.

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