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While orphan genes might seem exponentially improbable on the basis that n base pairs with 4n possible arrangements could randomly become functional, such genes have been recently found to be ubiquitous. The diversity of these, consistent with the existent tree of life , imply life must have originated million years earlier or around 4 billion years ago. The fact that many components of archaeal electron transport are significantly different in structure from those of bacteria implies these evolved separately and that archaeal electron transport is not simply a more recent result of horizontal transfer Schafer Each enzyme is programmed to recognize certain sequences, and a microbe is protected only if it has a copy of the right gene.

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Assuming the commonly used density for DNA of 1. The tree is rooted within the bacteria, because Euryarchaeota have most likely obtained the TS by a more recent horizontal gene-transfer event from a bacterial predecessor. This site owners don't have any relation to links provided on this site. By focusing on phylogeny rather than universal gene presence, they identified genes involved in LUCA's physiology - the ways that cells access carbon, energy and nutrients from the environment for growth.

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This tree has become the basis of several other studies. This is achieved through a process of translation at the ribosome - a supra-molecular complex composed of some 50 chaperoning proteins surrounding a core composed of three rRNA units, fed by amino-acid coupled tRNAs. No furry or illegal content.

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