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People of Costa Rica ( Costa Ricans )

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As elsewhere in the world, well-to-do families usually send their children to private schools. The overwhelming European influence erased almost all indigenous culture, cultural activity has only begun to blossom in the last years. Of indigenous art there is also little, though the Boruca Indians carve balsa-wood masks--light, living representations of supernatural beings--and decorated gourds, such as used as a resonator in the quijongo, a bowed-string instrument. This is a good opportunity to enjoy a walk around the lodge grounds, cool off in the pool or perhaps practice your photography skills.

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Folkloric Dancing Guanacaste is the heartland of Costa Rican folkloric music and dancing. Nearly everything shuts down from Thursday to Monday, which is why it's a good idea to stock up on goods before then, and to avoid traveling, since some transportation services also stop completely.

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In recent years, however, artists across the spectrum have found a new confidence and are dismissing rigid social norms to experiment with new paintings and sculptures and movements that metaphorically express the shape of their thoughts. Costa Ricans are still conservative when it comes to family issues. Meet with new Road Scholar friends on the porch, enjoy a nightcap while relaxing to the sounds of the rainforest, or get a good night's sleep in preparation for tomorrow's activities.

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A large proportion of Costa Rican women are professionals and hold important positions in both businesses and the government, but they still retain some traits that are traditional and conservative. A physician for every people and a hospital bed for every Later, he received his doctorate for work related to the analysis of medicinal plants of the rainforest from the International University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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