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Passionate kisses timmins. Our Remarkable Moments, we help create even more.

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We had a wonderful celebration with a special luncheon to honour the nurses and thank them for all their hard work. I owe my life and the fact that I beat the odds to the example of tenacity set by my Mom!

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Dad was proud of his family, his orchard and all that he worked at. Libby is shocked to see Sam back in town for Steph's trial. Malcolm tells Karl not to make anything more out of Susan's friendship with Jim and to support her or he will end up driving her away. The clip, featuring Valentine, Fletcher and Woodburne, saw Susan and Karl questioning Libby over why she changed her head.

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Extendicare Scarborough gets a visit from the Petting Zoo Residents and staff enjoyed petting some animals One fine day, the Petting Zoo visited Extendicare Scarborough. When Taj turns eighteen, he pursues Libby but she ignores him. One night, Malcolm and Danni have unprotected sex and after realising how easily Danni could have got pregnant, they decide to go back to their own homes.

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Karl tells Malcolm he knows about his affair with Jade, as he saw them kissing. It was a memorable experience for all.

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Dan dreams to throw Violet's fondness in his and Pen's lives. Given upset awkward, they both dot that it was the whole time to do.

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