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The result is disastrous: We know that everything will return to normal soon after the game ends, and we are already familiar with the rather dull backdrop to their lives back in Korea. Given that the film is essentially about three men's romantic delusions, it's appropriate that as you watch it, the tension between reality and fantasy remains always at the front of your mind. When the lack of an heir becomes untenable, he makes a bold proposal:

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There have been many other versions of the Zorro tale: Yet this is in some ways a surprising movie. Her developing relationship with Hong Lim is charged, but there is also a slightly detached, cold quality to their passion that suggests it is more the product of desperation than genuine affection. This is ridiculously ironic since Disney took liberally from the Public Domain it refuses to replenish.

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Her first move is to befriend Mr. The film's flaws too sometimes come into view.

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