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Such exalted function indicates a wrong somewhere and this wrong should be searched for and righted without depressing or weakening the sum of the vital energy. The effect on hyperthyroidism treatment by JKN capsule was satisfactory. Because the primary cause, the universal cause of disease - toxemia - is not known. To point this differently:

Symptoms of Goitre

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However, never make any changes to the medicines you are taking, unless you have been asked to do so, by your doctor. However, in fit patients with evidence of airway obstruction or suspicion of malignancy, surgery is indicated and is very safe.

New Hope for an AIDS Vaccine?

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Our very thinking on the subjects of health and disease is dualistic. He hurls his shot and shell at the "attacking" force with due courage and vigor and the only thing he destroys is the patient. Perform a few neck stretches or other similar exercises that are good for the health of the thyroid gland. The fact is that only a minority of the so-called infectious diseases are supposed to confer immunity.

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In caring for "eye strain," it is significant that when toxemia is removed, the headache ceases. The prayer may be, as in Africa, directed to a petrified frog - no matter, it cures.

Retrosternal (Substernal) Goitre

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