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Also, if a theatrical performance makes it to " Broadway " it is supposed to be a very good show. A changed political regime can trigger widespread changes in street names — many place names in Zimbabwe changed following their independence in with streets named after British colonists being changed to those of Zimbabwean nationalist leaders. Where a street crosses or forms straddles a boundary, its two sides sometimes have different names.

City of London names Lori Hamer as Fire Chief

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However, since , part of Goswell Road now lies in the City of London, making this a unique anomaly. The northernmost neighborhood has all "L" street names, whether the street runs north-south or east-west Ex. But if you're flip or throwaway about it, then you do. In Palm Coast, Florida , nearly the entire city is divided into "alphabet letter" neighborhoods.

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Themed street names are also very common in all other Dutch towns and cities. These streets were laid out in the original plan of Memphis in the early s, shortly after the election of the sixth president John Quincy Adams. Many roads are named after a Mr Hill or Mrs King and similar.

Map of London Boroughs

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Street names in Canberra typically follow a particular theme: I was trying to sketch a feeling.

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