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After all, she wasn't able to think badly of me anymore and I was the only person in the entire world that had the ability to make her feel happy; loved. I had kept her personality intact -- well, mostly. I smiled and stroked her head, feeling the smooth texture of her long auburn hair that was bundled up into a cute ponytail.

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That was too much. So was too much.

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She was horny as hell and it felt good being naked. With a grunt, I exploded into her and I could feel her grip tightening, encasing my balls in a warm, wet shell that I grew to love, as if trying to milk more cum out of me. I don't blame him.

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She had dutifully followed that order I gave it to her after making the fatal mistake of making out with her after a wonderful blowjob session. He had learned well. One day, he had asked if she would touch him.

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Having a girlfriend that was way above your league and also being an inch taller wasn't particular believable but people did bought it. Emma would often time beg me to give her more commands or to have sex with her so that she could experience the much needed jolt.

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