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When we are in a sex position where the underside of the head of my penis rubs along the wall of her vagina, the feelings are at their most intense. If you have a big bulge of fat over the base of your penis, well, tough luck. When a woman experiences one of these amazing orgasms, she will ejaculate uncontrollably - and the pleasure she'll get from this is mind-blowing.

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Awake This hurts to watch, simply because. Well, what I'm trying to say is that of course your penis size matters. Nothing, but nothing, delights a woman more than good cunnilingus Talk about multiple orgasms!

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The sight of a woman's bottom, parted to reveal her heavenly cleft, with your penis sliding in and out, moist with her juices, is very exciting, and that, plus the deep penetration possible, makes most men come very quickly. You can find the original reference about women's preference for thickness over length in penis size here if you're really obsessed with this subject. I think what is most different between women is the size of the clitoris and labia rather than the size of the vagina.

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And even so I must admit that some women are still slacker than others, especially some who have given birth though it does not have to be that way - my partner has given birth and is very tight down there. The right answer to that question is that whatever you have is normal, but on the assumption that if you believed that statement you wouldn't be reading this website, let's look at some data. The side by side positions for sex are very much about slow, romantic, gentle lovemaking.

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