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I have 3 immaculate vehicles and backing in is not my opportunity to show them off. I had to get a jump start for my battery yesterday, and the fellow who helped me first had to push me in neutral gear, natch out of my spot. I would be willing to bet most of these turds exit from their charriots donning Bluetooth headsets as well. I agree with you, it is all about the non-conformist, jaunty, different drummer flash.

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It is simple math. Does this make sense? Also, when I had to load the trunk boot to you I had to squeeze to the back with everything I was caring, slide between the concrete wall and the back of the car just to be everything stowed.

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I only park backwards to load or unload something. If you think about it, government workers totally fit the profile, and yes though I am one, I rise above and pull into a spot like a normal fucking human being every day.

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Cold shifts are hard on the car. The truck turns much tighter when in reverse. Backing in will extend the life of your driveline, especially if you live in a cold climate and will be parked for more than an hour. Also, the hotter the metal is, the less strength it has, again making damage more likely.

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