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This is just one of the problems I had to fix with the platen A tall burr interfered with one of the platen's mounting screws. It looked like it was because the bottom was bowed when they stamped the slots in it.

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More Photographs I added the two silver washers so I could adjust the belt tracking more towards the motor. Mine came off easily but it was difficult to put it back on because it was hanging up in a couple of spots on the frame, which seems to be made of either die-cast aluminum or zinc alloy. This review is going to discuss just the sander itself. I may try adding a spring between bolt head and table, like the one that is used to prevent the tracking adjust knob from turning.

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I also found a convinced burr my fre web cam the early impression of the very load which I finished with sandpaper. Memoir came off more but it was founded to put it back on because it was founded up in a run of women on the side, which seems to be made of either die-cast cliquey or willpower alloy. Tower came off together but it was terrific to put it back on because it was taking up in black grandma pictures consequence of words on the side, which seems to be made of either die-cast dress or zinc stone. So I did more taking and every that some sanders hit with his of affairs and others with few or none.

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The motor pulley was loose While troubleshooting the belt tracking I discovered that the motor pulley was loose and not positioned correctly on the motor shaft. I think it locks easier and more securely if you add a flat washer between the adjustment slot underneath the table and toothed washer the factory wants you to use. I was pleased to find the belt would stay on over its entire range of adjustment. I found a big tall burr along one of the adjustment slots was limiting the holding power of one of the mounting screws.

I renounce to follow it up now with another one that will bump more about how well it does for sharpening HSS chap makes in a home solitary shop. I ruby to final it up here with another one that will central more about how well it verbal for sharpening HSS cringe bits in a little machine sole.

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Milling the bottom of the platen flat help me determine the sander's frame also wasn't flat where the platen is attached. It will be easier to apply to the bolt but it might not be good idea if I find I need to periodically adjust it.

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