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Since Nickelodeon did not have an animation studio, it had to contract out to other studios. Murray changed Rocko's color to beige, but after the pilot aired, the company opted out of producing toys for the series, so the color change was pointless. I always got a big kick out of the businesses that were 'House-O-Paint', or 'Ton-O-Noodles', because their names seemed to homogenize what they sold, and strip the products of true individuality and stress volume Factory only received materials from sources that were edited for broadcast, so the episodes still remained censored on the DVDs.

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Simensky described the creators as "talented guys" who formed "a boy's club" and added that "we pushed them to be funny, but a lot of their women are stereotypical ". Lawrence , a neurotic turtle who often feels uncomfortable or disturbed; and his faithful dog Spunky Alazraqui.

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There are so many great independent films that have been unleashed onto the world — this year alone saw the release of greats like What We Do in the Shadows, It Follows, The Nightmare, Deathgasm and even Final Girls. Lastly, he points to expectations vs reality as a major issue. According to Sumares Viacom did not want to use Silvestri as the organization wanted a band "slightly older kids could identify with.

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In Australia, it aired on the free-to-air ABC from to , and was broadcast on Nickelodeon from to and returned in to January to celebrate Nickelodeon's 20th Anniversary in Australia. Executives did not share space with the creative team. Both Nick and Cartoon Network were able to invest on people who had nothing to lose.

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It was funny to me. Many other characters appeared in various sketchbooks. On the season three DVD, the "Wacky Delly" segment was shortened by approximately ten seconds to remove footage of Sal Ami repeatedly whacking Betty Bologna over the head with a telephone receiver. Although it clearly wasn't going to be included, they described the scene to Nickelodeon censors anyway:

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