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Did she really risk the long walk up the hill, knowing her heart issues? At the terminus, a sidewalk cut through the long blocks to Greenway and East Fifth Street, putting all lots in the new subdivision within a two-block walk of the trolley.

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As Independence Boulevard and related projects changed pedestrian and automobile traffic patterns, the small centers within the neighborhood developed more fully, and in the process reinforced Elizabeth's sense of identity. As Independence Boulevard and the office-commercial redevelopment of Elizabeth Avenue and Central Avenue cut the east side apart, people began to consider themselves residents of "Elizabeth" or "Plaza-Midwood" or "Crescent Heights," rather than of the original subdivisions or of the east side as whole. Unlike earlier parts of Elizabeth it had no boulevard of imposing residences. Several noteworthy historic sites survive as reminders of Elizabeth's early importance in the city.

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The Association's first successful effort came against a plan that would have built large cloverleaf interchanges along Independence Boulevard at Hawthorne Lane and Pecan Street. It was founded by the Empire Coil Company, a wartime manufacturer of radio coils and transformers. The trolley from downtown ran along its center to a point just beyond the intersection of Hawthorne Lane, where it turned north into the Villa Heights neighborhood. The attitudes expressed in the zoning ordinance were also evident in the administration of Independence Park in the period.

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Little is known about that scheme, except that one of Nolen's suggestions was that Fifth Street be curved to meet Seventh, an idea that was implemented. Two other witnesses saw her and the man as well at various times during the day. On November 16, , approximately 30 WJW radio and television personalities went on strike , forcing both stations to use supervisory and production personnel in those roles, many from parent company Storer Broadcasting stations in Atlanta and Miami. The location attracted such affluent citizens as James Staten, a real estate man and manager of the Little-Long drygoods store.

Residential Subdivisions- Piedmont Park and Oakhurst

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