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Spike encourages her, saying that they rallied around her because they saw what was in her heart and won't care that she's actually a pony, at which Twilight tells him that she's glad he followed her. Some of these dramatic forms are familiar and others not.

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He tells Dean that he shouldn't have come there and points out that he let him live, and easily casts him back when Dean tries to stab him. Sam is working at a desk in the bunker when Crowley appears and says "Poughkeepsie. Sunset confronts Twilight in a barely lit, dead end hallway and gives her a verbal lashing, scoffing at her efforts to run for Princess of the Fall Formal, outright insulting and belittling her, and even threatening Spike's safety. But even as she watches on from outside the cafeteria, Sunset Shimmer isn't deterred; she has yet another task for Snips and Snails.

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If you can estimate a word count for the length of the work do so. An aura from the crown engulfs Twilight and her friends in light, linking each of them to their Element of Harmony and giving them pony-like traits, including actual ears, wings, and hair extensions resembling tails when viewed from the front. Then Sam shows up on Quincy's doorstep.

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Cecily widely admits that she's only looking what he would do. Or is Augusta, really. Or is Faith, really.

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