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Hit The Floor

Logan browning in hit the floor. Hit the Floor

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However, Gambit, who regained consciousness during the battle, attacks Logan from a rooftop, allowing Victor to escape. Zero asks if Logan is starting to miss it, Logan, getting irritated, says now he is, before Stryker breaks them up, ordering Zero to the car, which he proceeds to do. After defeating Gambit, Logan clarifies his intentions and convinces him to take him to the Island.

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Also, even if she WAS a para-rider, does that make it okay for the horse to suffer through these kinds of rides so she can stroke her ego? I would only imagine a psychopath doing something as malicious as that to a horse who had just put up with endless bullshit from an unskilled rider.


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He should have knocked her in the dirt a long time ago, yet like so many horses he instead put up and shut up, and was rewarded by this callous cow by having his mouth yanked on during and after the test. They are too elite to be questioned! Wolverine fights Blob in a boxing match. This is true for any rider, be they amateur, professional, para, or otherwise.


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