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Is bare minerals lipstick gluten free. Gluten Free Personal Care Products

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Their formulas are relatively simple and contain familiar ingredients. Their stick is great protection for cheeks, noses and shoulders. The ingredients they use for extra antioxidant, preservative, and aroma quality are of little or no concern for instance, vitamin E and vanilla planifolia fruit oil. The company can not guarantee their products are gluten free, but these products are a personal favorite in our home.

Checking Your Products for Gluten

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I love that it's a semi-solid formula too, making it easy to transport during travel. Preservatives and antioxidant ingredients are tricky—we need them to keep products fresh and limit the growth of microbes, but they tend to be problematic. The following is a list of some of the personal care products which are free of gluten, again, it is always important to read your labels and when in doubt, call the manufacturer. Other companies, like Honeybee Gardens and Dr.

The Okay Stuff

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The light peppermint scent can also be used as a breath fresher. Here are the most common and concerning types of ingredients to look out for: It is in the easily totable stick form, clear, fragrance free and non-chemical sunblock. In lipsticks, they help thicken and stabilize the formula.

Luxury Brands

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This emollient formula penetrates the roughest skin offer softening relief instantly. The soap is hydrating and detoxifying at the same time. It goes on smooth, and offers lasting and natural coverage.


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