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How to Tie a Tie - For Beginners - Quick and Easy

Instructions on how to tie a necktie. How To Tie A Tie with Simple Knot Types – 18 Different Necktie Knots

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Feed the thick end downward through the horizontal band. Pass the thick end across the front again from left to right. Stripes, Solids, Patterns On a solid tie, the trinity pattern is most pronounced and visible allowing the knot itself to be the focus. The knot is triangular and has 3-way symmetry.

18 Easy Ways To Tie A Tie:

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Cross the thick end underneath the thin end, making an X-shape below your chin. Bring the thin end up in front of the knot, pointing the tip upward and toward your left shoulder.

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This forms a horizontal band. Bring the thick end around behind the thin end horizontally from right to left.

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