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Video about how to braid extensions into natural hair:

Two Cornrows on Natural Hair + Extensions

How to braid extensions into natural hair. Artificial hair integrations

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Stylists weave hair extensions into your natural hair to create full-looking braids that can be left hanging down or swept up in a variety of styles. Pixie braids consist of lots of individual, small, tight braids that vary in length and thickness.

Loose Cornrows Black Hair Braid

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There are not many articles available to explain this precise procedure due to industry secrecy. For those who want to go kinky but want more of a wave than a curl, this is ideal for you.


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Regardless of your hair length or face shape, there's an ideal option for you just waiting to be discovered. French Braided Updo This is one of the prettiest natural hair updos you can make if your hair is at least of medium length. Braid the other half of the hair in similar fashion and secure the ends.

History of Hair Extensions

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Finish off with some studded earrings for added pizzazz. They need re-positioning every 2—3 months as the natural hair grows. In electrical and electronic cables, braid is a tubular sheath made of braided strands of metal placed around a central cable for shielding against electromagnetic interference. Get the tutorial from ImShineStruck!

Beautiful Protective Updos for Natural Hair

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