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The Waterfall method is a nice framework but when it comes to the actual development, it has limitations that most developers find too constraining, and even those of use that use the Waterfall methodology probably use it loosely, with a mix of Agile processes. Students can work at small tables or relax on comfortable sofas in one of two lounges. These include that the nature of the assessment tasks will need to change in ways that encourages teachers to teacher differently.

The logic of teaching in Singapore

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In addition, while teachers monitor student learning and provide feedback and learning support to students, they largely do so in ways that focus on whether or not students know the right answer, rather than on their level of understanding. There are no good case studies!

Singapore’s instructional regime

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Reforming the Singapore model The Asian financial crisis of the late s challenged policy makers to take a long hard look at the educational system that they developed, and ever since they have been acutely aware that the pedagogical model that had propelled Singapore to the top of international leagues table is not appropriately designed to prepare young people for the complex demands of globalisation and 21st knowledge economies. The essential challenge facing Western jurisdictions is not so much to mimic East Asian instructional regimes, but to develop a more balanced pedagogy that focuses not just on knowledge transmission and exam performance, but on teaching that requires students to engage in subject-specific knowledge building.

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Where the Guide emphasises one particular role, eg the code breaker role of phonemic awareness, the Guide suggests ways in which other roles can be developed. But the ministry is clearly determined to bed-down a pedagogy capable of meeting the demands of 21st century institutional environments, particularly developing student capacity to engage in complex knowledge work within and across subject domains.

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