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Video about how to avoid cuts while shaving:


How to avoid cuts while shaving. Best Shaving Soap For All Skin Types & Razors

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This can also be done by using pre-shave oil before the application of shaving cream. For the closest natural shave, this soap certainly does the job well. Wet shaving[ edit ] There are two types of manual razors:

Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin

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For your first straight razor, it is probably best to avoid buying the most expensive model in case you give up on the whole thing. You may have seen one in your old-style local barbershop, or in an old movie—or perhaps you know someone who uses one on a regular basis. Avoid low-quality foams, as they tend to be less effective than creams or gels and also may dry your skin. A basic, glycerin-based shave soap will generate a rich, slippery lather for a close shave, and has a few other virtues as well:

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This may actually be a blessing in disguise, because sometimes our father's techniques of shaving are not terribly good for the skin! For any subsequent passes with the razor, your shave brush should have more than enough soap loaded into it in order to provide an ample cushion.

Lather & Wood Shaving Soap – Sandalwood

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