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Discouraging Pigeons from Landing on a Balcony

How can i get rid of pigeons on my balcony. How do I reclaim my balcony from the pigeons?

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Their lack of concern for cleanliness extends into their everyday activities, and water contamination has been traced back to pigeon carcasses and feces in water towers near roosting sites. You can get maximum profit form them, by investing small capital and labor.

How to Stop Pigeons on My Balcony

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These birds are indiscriminate eliminators of waste, leaving liquid splatters of dropping anywhere they travel. Both male and female pigeons hatch the eggs. To try to dissuade them, I put plastic bags on my car's windows, a towel over the spare tire, and my neighbor put a car cover over his truck - the crows ruined the rubber seal around his door but they still attack the exposed parts of the truck.

Why Control Pigeons?

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If you don't live in Florida click my Nationwide Directory of Wildlife Professionals serving almost every town, in all 50 states. You will need to consider if they are living inside the actual building or simply roosting on various parts of it outside. Pigeons most often roost in number. Raising pigeons using modern methods is very profitable than traditional way.

Pigeon Breeds

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At their age of 26 days, they become adult. Of course, they come back, because, despite their stupid small heads and beady red eyes, the darn birds have good memories and like to live where they live. You may not be able to control the habits of the neighbors on your block, but you can make your house that much more uninviting by following good hygiene habits.

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