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This is sindoor , a red cosmetic powder used in India; Some Hindu women put a stripe of sindoor in their hair to show they are married. In this sense it is used to describe coat colors of reddish-brown cattle and dogs, and in the names of various animal species or breeds such as red fox , red squirrel , red deer , European robin , red grouse , red knot , redstart , redwing , red setter , Red Devon cattle, etc. They have radii tens to hundreds of times larger than that of the Sun. I love New Orleans and their food.

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The red resin was used in ancient times as a medicine , incense , dye and varnish for making violins in Italy. Its name comes from marron, the French word for chestnut. The emblem of Harvard University.

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While waiting for our dishes to arrive, we explored the jetty that was connected to the restaurant. The red herring dragged across a trail to destroy the scent gets its color from the heavy salting and slow smoking of the fish, which results in a warm, brown color.

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