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Video about homemade heat protectant spray for hair:

DIY heat protectant for hair & leave in conditioner (aloe vera gel)

Homemade heat protectant spray for hair. Gatsby Set & Keep Hair Spray Extreme Hold – Review

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When using a hair dryer to dry and shape one's hair, the heat being applied can cause damage to the hair strands. Heat protectants are available in many forms like serums, foams, gel, sprays, mousse etc.

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While the hairstyling products listed above are the most commonly used, there are other types of products as well. I speculate the SPF of 30 due to the amount of the specific ingredients put in this product. Pomade [ edit ] Pomade is a greasy or waxy substance that makes hair look slick and shiny.

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Frizz ease heat defeat protecting spray: It is available in eBay India prices vary at all times. This one has a funky, cool packaging and a great fruity fragrance. And many people asked me if they could make a natural tick spray out of Rose Geranium.

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Hair volumizer [ edit ] Hair volumizers are used to temporarily add volume, body and shine to thin or flat hair. Whether you have straight hair or curly, normal hair or coloured hair, frizzy hair or straight hair.. In order to use a hair volumizer, the person using the product must flip their head downward and gradually blow dry the hair, with the air being blown along the shaft of the hair until the hair is dry. You now have homemade all-natural sunscreen.

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However, there is always a risk of the hair drying out when using any type of styling product. It moisturizes and leaves hair super shiny making it look protected and well taken care of.

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