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He had gotten sick from radium in his hands, not the jaw, and soon offered to help the Radium Girls in court. Because the true nature of the radium had been kept from them, the Radium Girls painted their nails, teeth, and faces for fun with the deadly paint produced at the factory. This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only!

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Anyone posting unlicenced content will have their links removed, find themselves blacklisted and we will notifie the proper authorities. When word of the New Jersey women and their suits appeared in local newspapers, the women were told that the radium was safe, and that employees in New Jersey were showing signs of viral infections. The book suggests that radium exposure is more harmful to health than exposure to radium

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It also considers the induction of a range of different forms of cancer as a result of internal exposure to radium and its daughter nuclides. For some time, doctors, dentists, and researchers complied with requests from the companies not to release their data.

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The girls work out a you wash my back and I will suck your clit kind of arrangement. Employees at Radium Dial began showing signs of radium poisoning in , and were unaware of the hearings and trials in New Jersey. What Akina didn't know was that her best friend had been experimenting at college and Rada is ready to introduce her friend in the ways of Sapphics. These two cute teen girls start by making out which of course leads to playing with tits and licking pussy.

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They shy started to touch each other's body which eventually lead to nude loving embraces and soft warm tongues pressed against hot wet flesh. No part of this websitecan be copied without our permission! So when they both got a break from school they decided to spend the holiday together to catch up. In spite of this knowledge, a number of similar deaths had occurred by , including the company's chief chemist, Dr Edwin E.

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