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Girl sagging. What causes sagging of breasts?

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Bras do not cause the breasts to sag, nor do they prevent it. This happens either after weaning, or right after pregnancy if the woman does not breastfeed at all, or during menopause. I wish so badly to be an A-cup to match my small frame, and so I could wear normal clothes without having to alter them, and so I could feel comfortable braless and in swimsuits.

Is it normal to have sagging breasts if you haven't been pregnant?

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The section between the cups is called a gore. Hey, even in the sex class I had in high school, they didn't show pictures of breasts like mine. I have some acne on my breasts as I do all over my body. I hope every woman can eventually feel the same way.

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I also would like to thank all the guys who posted comments saying its ok I hope this helps other women who have breasts they think are unattractive realise that they are normal. I now have some serious thinking to do Before I always wondered how to cope with sagging breasts among my peers.

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It is so sad that we are dominated intrapsychically by a culture of ads that shows a female body that does not exist. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts do not retract accordingly, resulting in an 'empty' looking breast that then sags. I would constantly look in the mirror and think about surgery one day and suicide the next day. Unfortunately, even when I lose a lot of weight, my breasts remain large and droopy.

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My weight has fluctuated from binge eating, anorexia and bulimia. Seriously, don't worry too much as there will always be plenty of guys that will love them for their pedulousness, the subtle movements they make and the soft feel they might have compared to firmer breasts. The notion of being able to not only nourish a child with my breasts, but also comfort and reassure a child with my breasts, is very moving.

Can you prevent sagging?

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