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And what did he do? So, I wanted to see everything that was done to look for a natural disease that either proved natural disease was there or proved natural disease was not there.

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Your Honor, I have to object to that. Edward Gripon, who testified that appellant had been diagnosed with clinical depression in jail and had been placed on antidepressants.

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No, they said that one of the explanations offered by the defendant was that the child was already dead when it was placed in the bag, yes. Remember, he said that she'll be locked up. In point of error seven, appellant again complains of improper jury argument at the guilt phase.

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Permissible jury argument generally falls into one of four areas: Ima alerted the police and named the infant "Baby Hope. Jasmine had been diagnosed with post-traumatic-stress disorder. Brown observed no indications of an infection or sudden-infant-death syndrome.

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