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Many of the students targeted by Soviet persecution were active in the liberal or social democratic resistance against the Soviet-imposed communist dictatorship; the German communist party had regarded the social democrats as their main enemies since the early days of the Weimar Republic. One of the synagogues set ablaze was the New Synagogue. Jewish cultural events are easy to find.

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Main building of TU Berlin in The Technische Hochschule in Charlottenburg , Berlin The north section of the main building of the university was destroyed during a bombing raid in November Du Bois and European unifier Robert Schuman , as well as the influential surgeon Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach in the early half of the s. Unfortunately, the Jews would not find matters much better in Berlin. Taking Part in Real Science by Greg Landgraf People of all ages and backgrounds can discover how to contribute to real scientific research with this handy guide.

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Planning for the re-opening of the school began on June, 2nd , once the acting rectorship led by Gustav Ludwig Hertz and Max Volmer was appointed. In , the first synagogue , known later as the Old Synagogue, was established at Heidereutergasse in Mitte.

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