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Financial Advisor 2017 Career Options

Financial advisor career pros and cons. Financial Advisor Salary

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Another common mistake employees make is giving notice with the expectation of receiving a counter offer. One of the most important things that drives my client-service philosophy is making sure there is a good relationship fit from the outset. Cons of Accepting a Counter Offer Unfortunately, when it comes to accepting a counter offer, there are more cons than pros. Humans and their property are constantly subject to risk of loss from various forces.

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For the first five years, we would tend toward more conservative investments, which might include guaranteed-income strategies through some form of annuity. Their investment philosophy—and commitment to risk management—aligns well with my philosophy, especially for clients who are approaching or in retirement.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Financial Advisor

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With his or her knowledge of your personality and risk profile, your advisor can guide you safely through the morass of choices to those most likely to lead to success. They must have thorough knowledge of government federal, state, local laws and regulations and follow Security Exchange Commission SEC rules and guidelines, as well. You will have great teams, and you may have not so great teams.

Create Your Financial Future

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Generally, they work with individuals or institutional clients to assess their financial needs and help them achieve financial goals, such as choosing investments money market, real estate investments, stocks and bonds , and they also explain tax laws relevant to certain investments and help with insurance decisions. How do you approach the financial-planning process? Several of my clients and their families have worked with me for many years. But I am also finding ways to work with the next generation of clients as they start to enter their peak earning years.

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Either keep asking questions until you are comfortable, or find another advisor. You will essentially become a jack-of-all trades—someone who knows a bit about everything.

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