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Ethiopia then became a totalitarian state financed by the Soviet Union and assisted by Cuba. The government is trying to alleviate this problem by building accessible schools in rural areas. We went to Ethiopia and filmed the Ethiopia scenes first. The agricultural sector is subject to periodic drought, and poor infrastructure constrains the production and marketing of Ethiopia's products.

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Jugurtha had Hiempsal killed, which led to open war with Adherbal. Since the early s, when the Derge was overthrown, the ENDF has been in transition from a rebel force to a professional military organization trained in demining, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, and military justice. The imperial flag consists of horizontal stripes of green, gold, and red with a lion in the foreground holding a staff. As such, he is the chief executive officer directing and coordinating activities of the department and other units of the faculty.

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Social Welfare and Change Programs Traditional associations are the major sources of social welfare. The most widespread social welfare association in rural areas is the debo. Ethnicity is not the sole basis for employment in the government; political ideology also plays an important role. Ethiopia is the tenth largest country in Africa, covering , square miles 1,, square kilometers and is the major constituent of the landmass known as the Horn of Africa.

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