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After the Russian Revolution of , a considerable proportion of the Tajik people was included in the Turkestan A. There is a large carpet-making factory in Qayroqqum.

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Dams were constructed for electric power generation and irrigation, and industry was developed in the Vakhsh River valley. The chief mining and ore-dressing area is in the north; coal mining and oil extraction are among the oldest industries in the country. Regional theatres and troupes later appeared in towns such as Nau. Moreover, the fall of the Taliban led to an upswing in narcotics production in Afghanistan, and Tajikistan soon became a major transit point for Afghan heroin and opium headed for markets in Europe and elsewhere.

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The language of the Pamir Tajiks belongs to the eastern Iranian group. After the Russian Revolution of , a considerable proportion of the Tajik people was included in the Turkestan A. September For a summary of events during the unrest in Khorog in July-August see here and here.

Drainage and soils

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