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Divorce over mother in law. The Concept of Divorce under Muslim Law

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If the wife has crossed the age of menstruation, the pronouncement of it may be made after the interval of a month or thirty days between the successive pronouncements. You took my case and fought for my rights. We assess your levels of preparedness and your goals, help you prioritize your needs, and offer you a path towards the best possible outcome.

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It can be revoked if: Options include mediation, collaborative divorce, coparent counseling, and parenting coordination.

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The mother may not deny visitation rights to the father or the paternal grandfather and may not travel outside Jordan with the child without their approval and the approval of the court. The requirement that the pronouncement be made during a period of tuhr applies only to oral divorce and does not apply to talaaq in writing. Women's right to divorce is often extremely limited compared with that of men in the Middle East. Among both, Shias and Sunnis, mubarat is irrevocable.

Modes of Divorce:

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