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Video about difference between single and blended scotch:

What Is Single-Blended Malt Whiskey?

Difference between single and blended scotch. Johnnie Walker Black Label (12 year) Blended Scotch

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The process of germinating the grains Malt: There are a variety of different alcoholic beverages that can be consumed including vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, etc.

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These whiskies are bottled directly from the cask and are undiluted or only a little diluted. The process of germinating the grains Malt: About The Distillery Glenfiddich needs little introduction. As a result they believe their drink deserves to be distinguished with a separate name.

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Vatted whisky Vatted whiskies are also produced by mixing different types of whisky together. To keep it simple, whiskey is any booze distilled from fermented grain mash.

What is Bourbon?

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Most distilleries employ a highly trained 'master blender' who will know the taste and flavour profile of every batch of whisky intimately. After tasting it, I doubt that. You are free to use any cereal grains, but if you mix two or more distillates it must be labelled as blended.

About The Distillery

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