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Narcissists Silent Treatment 6 Tips To End It FOREVER

Coping with the silent treatment. Summary of Silent Spring

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When you refuse to play games, the games tend to fall apart pretty quickly. Stick to your usual routines. In turn you can use this to change your behaviour so you stop reinforcing their social rejection.

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Next, you can let your partner know that you care, and can see that something has upset them. You can support them in that if you feel able, but ultimately the responsibility for any freezing out is theirs. Department of Agriculture's solution at the time was to recommend more frequent sprays or greater quantities. If you are being given the silent treatment, you are being punished for something, but you are not actually being told what that something is and how you can make up for it.

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She stated that government officials had aerially sprayed areas without notifying the public, and that these officials underestimated the safety problems of chemicals. Arsenicals were greatly used, and toxicological problems occurred. Having reflected on what happens and your usual responses you can take steps to change your reactions. It may be your partner is unaware how upsetting it is for you, or they may downplay their behaviour.

Dealing with the Silent Treatment

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