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Video about coconut milk smoothie for weight loss:

Coconut Milk Smoothie for Weightloss

Coconut milk smoothie for weight loss. Coconut Milk Nutrition — 9 Benefits + Recipes

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Bang the cleaver on the top of the coconut until you hear a crack. About half the fat in coconuts comes from a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. It also contains many other nutrients.

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To gain a pound, you need to get an extra 3, calories beyond what you burn for your daily activities -- or an extra to calories daily to gain a pound a week. Papaya Ginger Smoothie Papaya keeps the digestive system healthy, and ginger and mint alleviate upset stomach. Also, to get the maximum benefit from flaxseed, you need to consume the ground.

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You can add it to sweet or savory dishes to boost calories. Because of its high calorie content, canned coconut milk could help with weight gain.

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